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The article presents the characteristics of modern agriculture, which is the basic link of the agroindustrial complex of the Kemerovoregion. It examines the factors that determine its specialization and the main industry of rural economy of Kuzbass. Agriculture plays an important role in ensuring food security in the region. The leading industry is beef farming, beef and dairy cattle, arable farming and grain growing. The Kemerovoregion achieves self-suffi in many agricultural products, some products are exported outside of the region. Prospects of development of agricultural production in Kuzbass are associated with the development of private fodder industry based on the cultivation of forage crops and legumes for intensive and industrial pig, poultry, and beef and dairy cattle breeding and production of succulent feeds for dairy and beef cattle. The development of agriculture will lead to the creation of new processing industries, the formation of a developed agro-industrial complex in the region, which will increase the level of socio-economic development of the region.

agriculture, Kemerovo region, Kuzbass, crops, livestock, agroindustrial complex
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