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The article gives the urban environment quality assessment for the administrative entities of the Prokopyevsky urban district. The assessment is based on the methodology developed by V. N. Fedorov and M. Yu. Aksenova. The main indicators for assessing the urban environment quality were: environmental comfort, assessed through the perception of the environmental tension level by Prokopyevskresidents; population provision with social infrastructure facilities that are active components of social relations and act as carriers, forms and ways of meeting common individual demands. Two options for calculating the transport city center accessibility indicated the level of transport infrastructure development: that for vehicle owners and that for public transportusers.Asabasisforassessingtheurbanenvironmentaestheticqualities, the V. A. Nikolaeva method was used. For greater results comparability, scoring scales are used. At the same time, respondents were asked to determine the attractiveness degree and emotional impact of the each district urban environment. The total contribution of the urban environment quality objective factors was estimated with the help of the urban environment integral quality factor.

urban environment comfort, urban environment social infrastructure, environmental comfort of the urban environment, urban transport infrastructure, urban environment aesthetics, urban environment integral quality factor
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