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Abstract (English):
The tri-unity of matter-information-measure constitutes an «objective and subjective reality». Matter is something that can exist, act and transform. Information is all that is perceived as images, properties and effects of matter, but is not matter itself. Measure is the existing relationship of parts and types of matter and information, a variety of actual and possible states and transformations of matter. The article features the understanding of the object of geography as a science of noosphere, whose matter includes human beings and all the products of their activity and cognition. The noosphere is the human mind (global egregor), expressed in matter, information and measure, in a combination of the good and the evil, the intelligent and the stupid, the beautiful and the ugly. Its manifestation is expedient to generalize from ecological, aesthetic and economic positions. The initial element of noosphere, in which human reason and consciousness are reflected, is «the landscape». From this arises geographical information as character of state and development, expressed by the measure of geometrical parameters, energetic potential and human work.

matter, information, measure, noosphere, landscape, energy, reason
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