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The building industry of Siberia is the locomotive sector of the economy that provides the basic conditions for the development of the region. The construction employs a significant number of the population of the region, including in the production of sociallyoriented construction products. However, there are regional differences in the structure of the GRP and volume of buildings, including housing. Construction is an organizing industry that develops the economy of the region, its economic attractiveness and improves the living conditions of the population. However, there is a concentration of construction activity closer to economic centers, while peripheral areas are less active. To identify problems of nonuniformity in construction activity the authors have developed a ranking system. It uses key statistical indicators that allow one to carry out zoning and subsequent monitoring of the differentiation of the construction industry in Siberian regions, as well as to design policies aimed at improving the investment climate for the construction industry both on the regional and lower levels.

construction industry, construction, Siberia, territorial differentiation, entering buildings
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