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Abstract (English):
The paper provides an economic and geographical analysis of the supply directions and identifies the coal consumption areas of Kuznetsk coal and refined products. It highlights the place of Kuzbass among Russian coal basins and its contribution to the economy of the Kemerovo region and the country. The research features the domestic and foreign (export) supply directions and use of coal and its processing products, including issues of coal and coke competitiveness on the world market. The research has revealed the main problems of coal transportation outside the Kemerovo region, primarily related to the railroad workload and overpriced freight rates for the railway transportation. The author has made consumption zoning of the Kuznetsk coal according to the distance from the mining site, the scale of consumption and its role in the power system of regions. Three such areas have been identified: an area of nearby concentrated consumption, an area of moderately remote consumption, and an area of remote and scattered consumption. The paper gives an economic and geographical description of these areas.

economic geography, coal industry, coal transportation, export, Kuzbass
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