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The article describes the main stages of development of geographical knowledge about nature, economy and population in theKemerovoregion. The stage of initial accumulation of geographical knowledge and the development of the mineral riches of the plains and mountain areas of the region was defined. The article features the contribution of the explorers to the study of the physiographic features of the Kuznetsk region, the contribution of scientific research in academic and interdisciplinary expeditions to expand the knowledge about the territory. It defines the role of geologists in the discovery, exploration and in the study of the region and the Kuznetsk coal basin. The author has selected special Lutugin and Soviet stages in the development of geological knowledge, including that about the Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass). The article specifies the contribution of scientists to the study of the relief, climate and inland waters, including the contribution of botanists, zoologists, soil scientists of theTomskandNovosibirskuniversities in the study of soil-vegetation cover of theKemerovoregion. The emphasis is on physical-geographical and economic-geographical research, the role of the Department of geography, Geology and geography teaching methodology in these studies. In conclusion, a retrospective of the main stages of geographical research of the territory of theKemerovoregion and their event content was constructed.

accumulation of geographical knowledge, Russian colonization, academic and complex expeditions, Lutugin stage, the study of natural ingredients, physico-geographical studies, geographic studies
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