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Abstract (English):
The current paper features the issue of the augmented reality technology application for instructing, training and knowledge testing of coalminers on safety precautions. In case of a change in the geomechanical situation or an emergency situation, this technology allows one to study the evacuation routes of mine workers, without going down the mine. The implemented software is integrated into the existing Geographic Information System (GIS), which makes it possible to create full-fledged industrial information systems. The paper mentions the advantages and disadvantages of traditional ways of providing security with the help of modern and advanced technologies aimed at risk minimization. It also describes the possibilities of using virtual reality technology and presents the results of a comparative analysis of existing virtual reality technologies. The article also features the implementation of the technology using the Google VR tools for the three-dimensional Unity3D environment and provides an example of its operation. Each mode of operation of the information system is described separately, providing guidance, training and control of processes to ensure the necessary safety level.

industrial safety, geoinformation systems, virtual reality, evacuation routes, spatially attributive data, model of mine workings
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